Matt Locati, President

Matt has 28 years’ experience in the design, development, construction and management of conventional and affordable housing. After graduating from Cal Poly with his Bachelor degree in Business/Finance in 1989, he worked as a project manager for Hampstead Pacific Development Corp. where he oversaw a variety of residential and commercial projects. 
In 1991, Matt incorporated TerraCorp Financial, directing property management operations while working on a variety of development projects ranging from multifamily low-income housing complexes, to planning a 1,200 acre resort in Mexico. Matt continues to oversee TerraCorp while serving as President of Terrex Development Corp. where he directs its team in structuring acquisitions, designing improvements and supervising construction of conventional and affordable housing.
He is presently completing an 11-parcel residential community in Lafayette, California, and is in the midst of planning the renovation of a 61 unit senior, affordable housing community recently acquired as a preservation project.